ReCoVER TEDDINET - Mathematical challenges of managing energy variability in the face of weather and climate variability workshop.

This meeting was held on 14th – 15th January 2016

The Priory Rooms, Quaker Meeting House, 40 Bull St, Birmingham UK

This was a joint meeting of two EPSRC sponsored networks:

ReCoVER: Research on Changes of Variability and Environmental Risk

TEDDINET: Transforming Energy Demand through Digital Innovation NETwork

The aim of the workshop was to explore themes for research that may in the long term help manage the relationship between variability of weather/climate and of water/energy use. For example, we explored some of the challenges that arise from:

  • Relations between weather variability and energy demand.
  • Relations between weather variability and renewable energy generation.
  • Longer-term challenges of climate change on energy generation and demand.
  • Developing and using climate forecasts for engineering simulations.
  • Linking smart meter patterns of activity to behavioural change.

The following 10 minute TEDDINET talks were presented:

IntroductionPeter Ashwin & Dan van der Horst
Problems of Resilience in INFRASTRUCTURE NETWORKSDavid Arrowsmith
Creating future weather files for engineering simulationsDavid Coley
Making sense of household energy dataGary Polhill
A WICKED approach to managing energy variability in the face of weather and climate variabilityRamon Granel
Mathematical modelling for the impact of social network on energy savingsJeff Jiangfeng Zhang
Anticipating Preferred Levels of Thermal Comfort to Facilitate Heating Load FlexibilityBruce Stephen
IECUS:  Informing Energy Choices Data Analysis Retrospective
Adrian Friday
Future FM: Future-proofing facilities managementSalvador Acha Izquierdo
B-bem: The Bayesian building energy management PortalRebecca Ward / Kathrin Menberg

Organizers: Peter Ashwin (Exeter), David Coley (Bath), Dan van der Horst (Edinburgh)