Tipping Points Meeting

This was a joint meeting between ReCoVER and the Valuing Nature Programme, held at Reed Hall at the University of Exeter on 3rd July 2017.

The meeting aimed to bring together natural scientists working to understand the services provided to humans from ecosystems with mathematicians with experience of detecting and predicting tipping points.


09.30 Registration

10.00 Welcome, aims of the workshop, round the room introductions and introduction to the Valuing Nature Programme (Anita Weatherby & Tim Lenton)

10.15 Introduction to the Valuing Nature Projects
         1. The project
         2. Qs we are seeking to answer
            Adrian Newton, Tim Lenton & Dylan Young

10.30 Tipping points definitions, types and applications in the context of natural capital and ecosystem services
         ◦ Presentation based on findings of Delphi survey (Dylan Young)
         ◦ Discussion

11.00 A mathematical perspective on types of tipping point (Pete Ashwin)
         ◦ Discussion

11.30 Break

12.00 Tools, methods and challenges for detecting and predicting tipping

        ◦ Overview of tools & methods identified in Delphi survey with explanations given by group                         members familiar with each one
        ◦ Participants share experience of applying tipping point detection and prediction methods
        ◦ Discussion to identify any that are inappropriate or missing
        ◦ Discussion of challenges e.g. detecting/predicting tipping points in spatial data, and identifying                 feedbacks

13.00 Lunch & Group Photo

14.00 Breakout groups
14.45 Breakout groups report to plenary

15.00 Working afternoon tea will be provided

15.30 Action planning

16.00 Close